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Have lunch at us!


 Come with us to a mountain picnic!


A program organized between 1st of March and 31st of October


carutaProgram Length: min. 4, maximum 6-7 hours.

- meeting before the Cserekert Inn
- we start our journey with hors-drawn carts (our gests can warm up for the road with donut and hard drinks)

After everyone was seated on the carts, the caravan starts its way bypassing the chapel on the top of the Bogat hill. On the road we fill the bottles brought with us with fresh water from spring. In the meantime we can admire the charming landscape. We arrive in good mood to the Brook of Castel glade under the ruins of the Pagan Castel. The scenery is almost indescribable, the Harghita Mountains is one of the most beautiful scenery in Transylvania. The green glades are filled with flocks of sheep and beef.

When we arrive to the Brook of Castel glade, the fire is already burning, and the bacon is frizzling. The time has come to eat. In the meantime, who wants can make a little tour in the surrounding and can hear a little overview of the site beside the Pagan Castel. The highlight of the day is cooking goulash and other delicacies from the components brought with us.

From here we continue our journey to the sheepfold, where the people offer us to taste cheese, and let us to be present at the milking of the sheep and at the preparing of cheese.

- return to the village

Price: 14 Euro/person
It can be organized at least with 4 persons.

Created by FMB in 2007 (c)